Ceramic Discs Technology

Ceramic Discs

Methven tapware is designed with smart water control features, providing superior functionality and convenience. Ceramic discs are one aspect that ensures your taps work well, are safe to use and help you to conserve water.

Ceramic cartridge (or discs). By replacing conventional washers (that wear out) with ceramic discs dripping taps can be eliminated.

Ceramic temperature adjustable cartridges. Selected Methven single lever mixers are fitted with temperature adjustable ceramic discs, allowing the user to set the maximum temperature of water. An excellent safety feature that protects your family from scalding.




Ceramic temperature and flow adjustable cartridges. These ceramic discs allow the maximum water flow and temperature to be set for single lever mixers. A clever feature that helps users to regulate their water usage and can reduce wastage.

For ceramic cartridges, look for products marked withCeramic Disc


To maximise performance and protect ceramic discs, an in-line filter must be fitted to prevent damage by foreign particles.

Ceramic Discs Products