Dechlorination Technology


Chlorine is absorbed through your skin from the water supply and can have harmful effects on your body. It strips the skin of its natural protective barrier and dehydrates hair.

Methven has developed unique dechlorination technology to deal with this problem and help reduce the undesirable effects of chlorine. Using Vitamin C cartridges, the Maia Beauty Shower combats chlorine in your water to reduce drying of your skin and hair. With regular use you may notice your hair is cleaner, silkier and more manageable and your skin softer.


An initial study has shown that reducing the chlorine in your water can benefit eczema sufferers.

Vitamin C cartridges have been designed specifically for use with Maia - a four-function showerhead (for both facial and body massage) suitable for mains pressure installations, powered by Satinjet technology to give a superior shower experience.