Fastflow™ Technology


Fastflow™ - solving unequal hot and cold water pressure

If you live in one of the many New Zealand homes that suffer from unequal hot and cold water pressure, Methven's unique patented Fastflow technology provides the solution.
Using a combination of nozzles and apertures, Fastflow ingeniously uses high pressure cold water velocity to draw the low pressure hot water through at an increased rate. This provides maximum water flow at the optimum temperature. So you get the right pressure and temperature every time (results may vary depending on installation conditions).

Methven Fastflow shower mixers work equally well with mains pressure hot water cylinders.
Designed and made in New Zealand for our conditions. All Methven Fastflow mixers are 100% pressure tested before leaving the factory.

Look for our symbol showing products where Fastflow is standard. Also look for products suitable for all pressures if yours is one of these homes.

Look for products marked withFastflow

Methven is the exclusive licensee of the Galatron® G13 cartridge in Australasia.

Fastflow™ Products