Thermostatic Mixing Technology

Thermostatic mixing technology

Methven thermostatic mixers combine the latest developments in shower technology with contemporary design flair - setting a new standard in product design for the category.

Regular shower mixers use manual control for both temperature and flow. Thermostatic mixers allow the mixer to maintain the desired temperature,


using clever technology that monitors and continually adjusts the temperature level. No more cold shocks or hot scalds when someone else is using the water at the same time. In the event of cold water supply failure, the thermostat shuts off the hot water supply completely - an excellent safety feature.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, Methven Thermostatic Mixers offer temperature stability and a rotary control with a 38ºC safety stop in both single or dual flow models (dual flow mixers allow use of two outlets simultaneously). Suitable for mains pressure only.