Corporate Governance

The Board of Methven is responsible for the strategic direction of the Company and ensuring that the Company is managed properly and for the benefit of shareholders. Some of the key responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Developing the strategic direction of Methven, in conjunction with Methven's senior management team;
  • Monitoring the performance of management and the overall financial performance of the Company and the Methven Group;
  • Monitoring Methven's regulatory and legislative compliance and risk management processes;
  • Ensuring effective policies and procedures concerning disclosure to the market and shareholders.

The Board has adopted what it believes to be appropriate corporate governance policies and procedures, which it reviews on an on-going basis

The Board currently comprises four Directors, all of which are non-Executive Directors. 

Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee
The Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Committee comprises Peter Stanes (Chairman), Phil Lough, Richard Cutfield and Alison Taylor.  This committee assists the Board to fulfil its responsibilities in the areas of financial and risk management.

Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee comprises, Richard Cutfield (Chairman), Phil Lough, Peter Stanes and Alison Taylor.  This committee provides assistance to the Board to ensure that the company has remuneration and human resource policies that attract, retain and motivate high calibre and high performing executives and directors.