Eczema Sufferers

Shower Water Now Friend not Foe to Eczema Sufferers

Methven says "Get a Maia!" to anyone suffering from Atopic Dermatitis

Between 10-25% of New Zealander's have eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), and the number has risen dramatically over the past 50 years. Eczema has a tendency to run in families. If both parents have eczema, there is an 80% chance that their children will too. 90% of eczema sufferers are diagnosed before the age of 5 years.

A recent study undertaken in New Zealand on the benefits of reducing the effects of chlorine on the skin of Eczema patients has been published in the NZ Medical Journal.

The findings of the research show that of the respondent's,  whilst maintaining their regime of topically applied prescriptions, who received the Maia Shower containing the Vitamin C filter and not the placebo, noticed a reduction in exacerbations or flares in their Eczema for the 8 week duration of the research program.

Historically Dermatologists have recommended Eczema sufferers shower rather than bathe simply to reduce the amount of time bathing in chlorinated bath water.

While chlorine is an important part of the water purifying process to eliminate bacteria, the chlorine, chloramines and the gases generated from chlorine in the shower have some detrimental effects on our body.

Nicky Dunn, General Manager for Methven Home Spa says "Anyone who has ever swum in a chlorinated pool knows how harsh chlorine is on the skin & hair. Chlorine is known to strips the skin of its natural protective barrier and is thus drying to both the skin and the hair; not to mention altering hair color" 

Methven collaborated with a leading Dermatologist to explore the effects of reducing the chlorine on the skin when showering.  The naturally occurring oils in the skin provide protection from bacteria entering through the pores and help to keep moisture in the cellular structure of the skin. A healthy cell structure is vital as our skin is our only external organ it is also the largest organ. It is working 24hours a day to repair, release and regenerate itself so that it can perform its function to protect our internal organs.

Eczema stems from excess dryness of the skin. .For people suffering from Eczema there is a propensity for the skin to feel tight and it becomes itchy, when scratched the skin cracks, the cracks then become superhighways for bacterial infections causing painful atopic dermatitis that can require medical intervention and topically applied remedies.

Methven uses Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to neutralize the chlorine and it is  proven to reduce the amount of chlorine in the water as it flows through the filter.  Vitamin C is a superior method of removing chlorine from the water as only small amounts are required so the vitamin c cartridge fits snuggle in the handle of the shower.  Unlike charcoal filters which require large volumes to achieve similar results.

Maia reduces the pH levels in the water to help purify the water

Maia's  Vitamin C filter also helps to neutralize the PH levels in the water which help keep your skin and hair closer to their normal pH levels, keeping your skin and hair more healthy.  Showering in pure water helps keep skin softer and hair shinier, not dull and faded from the effects of chlorine.  It's also possible that less moisturizing and toning products are required following a shower as the skins ph levels are already neutralized.

Dr Shaun Holt, the lead researcher, said "the results of this pilot study are encouraging for people with eczema. Chlorine is an irritant for many people with eczema, and it makes sense that symptoms may improve when this novel showerhead removes the chlorine. This was a small study, and bigger studies are needed to confirm the findings, but based on these results the Methven Maia may well be worth trying for people with troublesome eczema symptoms"

The Vitamin C chlorine filter lasts for approximately 120 x 10 minutes showers or about 2 months in a family home servicing 2 people.

For more information, please read this report from Clinicanz. Download Clinicanz Methven case study (PDF 240KB).

Methven Maia is available in a chrome finish from all leading plumbing stores nationwide, Smith and Caugheys, Ecostore or from RRP$349.00.