Future-Proof Building

Future-Proof Building (FPB) is a national initiative developed to change the thinking in the building industry from cost driven to solution driven construction. It involves the leading Building Industry brands and services.

There are many choices when building, renovating or improving your home. FPB acts as a badge of confidence for consumers – giving them the tools to improve the quality of their living environment. It also encourages building professionals to use the highest quality and most innovative building practices and products. It incorporates the ideals of quality and excellence, which are of paramount importance towards improving the overall quality of New Zealand homes. In other words it’s about creating a more superior home that’s safer and more comfortable to live in and will be worth more in the future.
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Energy Efficient Health and Safety Life Cycle Costing Quality Assurance Resource Responsibility

Methven Limited are pleased to be a Future Proof Building product partner.  As New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacturer of tapware, showerware and valving, it is important to partner with like-minded innovative brands and companies to provide solutions to the building industry and home owners.
Becoming a Future-Proof Building ‘FPB’ partner gives us an added point of difference.  Both trade and consumers are engaging in more research and require a more thorough understanding both online and in the marketplace prior to purchase – especially in the current economic environment.  Having the tools readily available online to make better decisions for now and in the future is vital for a change in thinking and building in the future.
FPB are driving change in the industry for sustainable solutions.  This gives us great strategy alignment as Methven’s focus is on luxury showering without compromise for the planet, in whichever way we can – everyday.  We deliver one of the world’s most precious resources on the planet and so helping to preserve this is our greatest challenge.  We are committed to answering “What makes the perfect shower?”, “How much water is needed to maintain the feeling of a fullflow shower?”.  The technologies we use in our products reflect these questions like Satinjet technology which can provide a luxurious feeling shower even at lower flows (great for NZ specific conditions and you can also achieve water savings on mains pressure installations if flow restrictors are installed).

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