Master Plumbers - Industry Supporter Award 2009 – Methven [NZ]

On Saturday 21st March, 2009, Methven won the Master Plumbers Industry Supporter Award for 2009.
This is what Master Plumbers had to say about the award:
This award is presented to a company or individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industry.
Through their support they have made a significant contribution which has benefited our organization.
The winner this year is a company which has been a long term supporter of Master Plumbers and were in fact one of the first companies to join us a partner.
Wherever possible they have shared industry information and have assisted Master Plumbers by providing their top quality products for various competitions.
They are committed to our organization and where possible, are now looking at ways to work with MasterLink and Green Plumbers.
Thank you to Master Plumbers for their recognition with this prestigious award.