If you've decided to start renovating your home, there's a lot to think about and do. Ensure you understand the renovation process first. Know what you're in for, and have a good plan before you start demolishing walls and stripping wallpaper. Keep all your renovation ideas together in a folder and keep track of your project as you go.

To start it is important to decide what you want and what your home requires. Then rate each of your renovation goals in order of importance. Whether you are looking at alterations & additions to a new bathroom, kitchen or laundry, Methven have an array of products available that are suitable for your requirements.

Ensure you understand what your water pressure requirements are and choose your products accordingly (see our water pressure guide).

Use products market with the icon for all pressure installations, or the    icon for mains pressure installations only.

For products that are easy to install yourself, use products marked with  the self fit icon .

Did you also know that to upgrade and improve the quality of your shower experience, is as simple as changing your shower head or handset to a Methven Satinjet® shower.  Just look for products marked with .

Also don’t forget to look at the other great technologies available with many Methven products.

Good luck with your renovation project. If you need any help contact Methven or visit one of our Methven distributors today.


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