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Follow these 3 simple steps to trial a Methven shower handset in your home for 30 days.

Identify if your shower configuration is suitable to participate

Not all shower configurations are suitable for a handset to be installed. You will need to have shower with a hose to connect your Satinjet handset trial. Handsets cannot be connected directly to the wall.


Hand, rail and twin shower systems

Products for yes

Wall, hi rise and overhead showers

Products for yes Products for yes

Products available to Trial for $1

Everyone is different, so we have included a few options for you to choose from. Try one, two or all of them. You choose. The Satinjet Kiri handset offers a wide well-balanced, softer spray to sooth and calm. The Satinjet Waipori handset more geometric in design offers a widespread stimulating experience.
 Whilst the Aurajet Rua handset delivers a more forceful and invigorating shower experience.

Waipori Satinjet Handset White

Waipori Satinjet Handset White

RRP (Incl GST): 190.3 $190.30
Kiri MK2 Handset

Kiri MK2 Handset

RRP (Incl GST): 193.6 $193.60
Rua Aurajet Handset Chrome

Rua Aurajet Handset Chrome

RRP (Incl GST): 249 $249.00



Got a question? We have pulled together a list of the most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the question you're looking for, please contact our Customer Care Team via [email protected] or 1300 638 483 during business hours and they will be happy to help you out.

Shower handsets can only be installed onto showers which have an accompanying hose. Those shower configurations include Rail Showers, Twin Shower Systems & Hand Showers, have a quick look at our compatibility reference chart here.

All handsets are optimised to work in low to high pressure systems (150kPa to 500kPa (mains pressure)). Gravity fed or tank systems can experience very low pressure output which may affect shower performance. Check your hot water system or consult your local plumber if you are unsure.

Yes and it only costs $1 per handset (maximum of three of each per household).

Its very important that you use the return courier bag supplied. This allows us to track orders that have been returned, and will ensure that you don't get charged the balance of the handset RRP.

No problem, just ring customer service, tell them your name, and they will give you your tracking number. You will have to write this number down on the outside of the courier bag.

There may have been a mistake. Please just ring our Customer Care Team, explain the situation and we will look into it and let you know ASAP.

To qualify for the $50 cashback, you must spend over $150.00 on Methven products from our Rua, Kiri or Waipori ranges which totals a minimum of $150 or above (excluding handsets, handsets with hoses, and spare parts) purchased within 90 days of the date the Trial Period starts. Products can be purchased via any plumbing merchant, we simply need proof of purchase. Full terms and conditions can be found on handset trial web page.

Each handset participant is able to claim the $50 cash back only once.

The $1 trial promotion is only available on the Satinjet Kiri, Satinjet Waipori handset and Aurajet Rua handsets. If you would like to feel other Methven sprays – many showrooms have working shower displays. Use our find a dealer page to find stores near you.

The hose connector and rail connector are universal designs, and should fit most hoses and rails.

For those orders placed before 1 July 2018;

  • Waipori Satinjet – charge if kept will be: $184.25
  • Kiri Satinjet - charge if kept will be: $193.30

For those orders placed after 1 July 2018;

  • Waipori Satinjet– charge if kept will be: $190.30
  • Kiri Satinjet - charge if kept will be: $193.60

There is no pricing alterations in regards to Rua Aurajet.

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