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Follow these 4 simple steps to trial a Methven shower handset in your home for 30 days.

Water Pressure System

Products available to Trial for $1

We know everyone's shower needs are different. So we have included a shower handset from each of our award winning shower technologies, Aio Aurajet and Tūroa - optimised for mains pressure, and Waipori Satinjet - great for all pressures including low pressure.




Got a question? We have pulled together a list of the most commonly asked questions.

Aio and Tūroa only works on high (mains) pressure and Waipori works on all pressure (high, low and unequal). You have to check your pressure before you decide to trial a handset. Check the sticker on your hot water cylinder or ask your plumber.

Yes and it only costs $1 per handset (maximum of two of each per household).

Its very important that you use the return courier bag supplied. This allows us to track orders that have been returned.

No problem, just ring customer service, tell them your name, and they will give you your tracking number. You will have to write this number down on the outside of the courier bag.

There might have been a mistake. Just ring the call centre, explain the situation, and we will look into it and let you know asap.

The $50 cash back is limited to the Aio, Kiri, Koha, Maku, Minimalist, Surface, Tahi and Waipori ranges (excluding handsets, handsets with hoses, roses, wall showers and spare parts). You have to purchase a product from any plumbing merchant within 90 days from when the trial started.

Each handset participant is able to claim the $50 cash back only once.

You can view the terms and conditions here.

Handsets arrive with the optimum restrictor in the handsets to maximise your experience and save on cost. You have the flexibility to swap this out for the restrictor supplied in the box to customise your spray depending on personnel preference.

The hose connector and rail connector are universal designs, and should fit most hoses and rails.

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